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IBM Cloud Pak for
Multicloud Management

Consistently manage multicloud with
visibility, governance and automation

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The multicloud management solution for Kubernetes

Intelligent hybrid multicloud management

Running on OpenShift, IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management increases operational efficiency through intelligent data analysis and predictive golden signals. Built-in support enables consistent governance of compliance, multicluster, event, application, and infrastructure, while granting clear visibility of apps across all environments.

Visibility, governance and automation in action

Monitor, maintain and manage multicloud
IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management enables your clients to monitor their environment, maintain controls across apps and clusters, and manage infrastructure clusters and apps.
Infrastructure provisioning with repeatable, scalable processes
Built on the pillars of visibility, governance and automation, IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management drives operational efficiency and delivers unified user experiences.

Multi-management capabilities across

What is multicloud?
Working across multiple clouds from multiple vendors demands an ability to manage multiple data centres, public or private, within a single environment.
Orchestrate all your cloud environments via a single interface
As a hybrid, multicloud world is swiftly becoming the new normal, intelligent operations, application and management solutions boost agility and flexibility.

Unified governance across enterprise

Whether your clients’ applications reside on premises, in the cloud, or at the edge, IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management offers consistent event, application, infrastructure, and multicluster supervision.
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