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Why IBM?

Our open, hybrid multicloud platform lets you access any supplier’s technology while leveraging IBM expertise, enabling the creation, optimisation and secure management of workloads across all clouds.

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Innovate anywhere: IBM’s platform is based on open technologies

A flexible, open source hybrid infrastructure allows you to build secure, dependable applications for your clients. IBM and Red Hat provide the enterprise-grade technology and expertise to help you plan, design, and create your flexible solutions.

Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud

Leveraging the highly scalable IBM Cloud, Red Hat OpenShift allows you to focus on developing and managing your applications. IBM handles the infrastructure, providing you with fully managed OpenShift clusters on the click of a button.

Deploy OpenShift workloads with the power and scale of IBM Cloud
Use OpenShift in public and hybrid environments for velocity, market responsiveness, scalability and reliability.
Take a guided tour of Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud
Discover how a fully managed OpenShift makes the Kubernetes experience easier as you learn how to create an OpenShift cluster on the web console.
Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud comes with free credits
With the simple click of a button, you can access fully managed OpenShift clusters – and trial it for a year with $12,000 in free Cloud Credits.


IBM Cloud Paks give you a faster, more secure way to move core business applications to any cloud through enterprise-ready, containerized software solutions.
IBM Cloud Paks
IBM Cloud Paks are pre-integrated to deliver specific, enterprise use cases, such as application deployment and process automation. Both open and secure, and providing full-stack support from hardware to applications, they can run on-premises, on public clouds, or in an integrated system.
IBM Cloud Pak for Applications
Quickly build cloud apps and take the most straightforward path to modernisation, using built-in developer tools and processes.
IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management
Provide consistent visibility, automation and governance across a range of hybrid, multicloud management capabilities.
IBM Cloud Pak for Data
Turn data into insights through an integrated cloud-native architecture, customised to your clients’ unique data and AI landscapes.
IBM Cloud Pak for Automation
Migrate automation runtimes without application changes or data migration, and automate at scale without vendor lock-in.
IBM Cloud Pak for Integration
Support the speed, flexibility, security and scale required for integration and digital transformation initiatives.

The new way to complement and optimise IBM Cloud Pak solutions

IBM Storage Suite for IBM Cloud Paks is a new, comprehensive set of flexible modular, software-defined storage solutions complementing IBM Cloud Paks. Leveraging Red Hat opensource capabilities, they’re easily implemented within legacy IT environments for a faster, less complex, and more secure way to move and operate core applications across both on-prem and multiple clouds.

Bring your own embedded solutions to market

Access your free trial of IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service
Provide simplified cluster management, built-in security, and isolation, all in a cloud-native, open-source environment.
Team with IBM to deliver new solutions quickly and sustainably
Why embrace new technology alone when a partnership for Embedded Solutions takes away the expense and risk?
Get started with an Embedded Solution Agreement
Deliver solutions under your own brand, while leveraging IBM’s cutting-edge technology under an Embedded Solution Agreement.

Talk today to an IBM expert

Book your free one-on-one consultation with an IBM expert for advice on optimising IBM’s hybrid multicloud platform and building winning data, analytics, and AI strategies.
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