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IBM Cloud Pak
for Automation

Build and run automation applications anywhere, on the cloud of your choice

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Cloud Pak for

Automation reduces low-value tasks by up to 80%. Running on Red Hat OpenShift, IBM Cloud Pak for Automation centralises business and system data across all platforms, granting a 360° real-time view of operations. Its pre-integrated technologies and tools enable the creation and running of automation services on any cloud, leading to enhanced customer experiences.

Deploy on the cloud of your choice

Already aware of the value of automation, most business leaders like your clients realise a successful implementation depends on being able to choose the right deployment environment. IBM Cloud Pak for Automation grants the flexibility to consistently manage digital automation solutions on their cloud of choice.
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Automation: the way forward

Create a new wave of customer experiences while relieving employees of repetitive tasks and assisting them in higher-value work.
of business leaders say automation can save up to three work hours per day*
*Workmarket (links resides outside
1 in 5
workers doing non-routine tasks will rely on AI to do their jobs, by 2022**
**Gartner (links resides outside

Build and seamlessly run automation applications on any cloud

Ultimately improving efficiencies and customer-facing processes, IBM Cloud Pak for Automation provides pre-integrated technologies and low code tools for business users. Existing assets can be seamlessly migrated, operations scaled, and all work performances monitored in real time.
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Automate any work, anywhere,
at scale

Blending and measuring in real time the value of human and automated work across an enterprise, IBM’s automation software platform empowers your clients to scale operations, improve customer experiences, and control costs. It delivers code customisation, packaged apps, and optimised point solutions in a single, integrated package.

Complex work needs integrated automation

Built on a common analytics layer granting insights into operational data and productivity, IBM Cloud Pak for Automation comes with pre-integrated software enabling essential capabilities such as process mapping, data capture, and an overall view of workflow and tasks.
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We make it easy to get started

Whether you want more information about IBM Cloud Paks, or the finer details of how a partnership with IBM can deliver growth for your business, our experts are just a click away
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