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The benefits of IBM Unified Governance
and Integration

Making data easily and securely available across all cloud platforms, IBM Unified Governance and Integration ensures the fidelity of all data types, regardless of source. Providing a
360-degree, business-ready view of hybrid information, it also streamlines data privacy and compliance while empowering the deployment of self-service data lakes.

Accelerating AI with business-ready data and Data Operations

Increase consumer confidence and commitment to a brand
A trusted analytics foundation with governance and cataloguing transforms customer interactions into brand loyalty.
Delivering dependable business-ready data
Ensure every department in your clients’ organisations are all viewing and making decisions on the very same versions of customer data.
Modernising your information architecture
IBM’s combination of automation and machine learning are accelerating enterprise transformation and compliance initiatives at scale.

Organize your data for a trusted, business-ready analytics foundation for AI

Know your data

Automate how you discover, integrate and replicate all types of data
Address the challenges of data discovery
Providing an in-depth and in-place unstructured data assessment, the clear visibility of data enabled by IBM StoredIQ Suite leads to better-informed business decisions.

Integrate trusted data from multiple sources
IBM’s scalable data-integration platform combines technical and business processes to deliver trusted data from various sources, supporting a business-ready data pipeline for DataOps.

Trust your data

Ensure quality, governance and lineage of your data regardless of where it lives
Access information in consistent, trusted and reusable ways
High-quality cleansed and managed data can be safely integrated across the enterprise, providing a complete view of an organisation and its interrelationships.
A governance platform with integrated data catalogue
Ensure your clients’ data pipelines are ready to deploy AI and machine learning at scale by tracing data lineage, cataloguing and protecting sensitive data, and managing data lakes.

Use your data

Transform your business into a data-driven culture with self-service data
Enabling a 360-degree view of data
A comprehensive method to define and manage an organisation’s critical data, Master Data Management (MDM) provides a single, trusted view of data across the enterprise via a user-friendly dashboard.

Maximising business intelligence with automation and scale

Transform raw data with a few clicks
Leap into analysis ten times faster with self-service access to trusted data, automated transformation, and an intuitive dashboard.
Catalogue and analyse business-ready data
Tightly integrated with an enterprise data governance platform, IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog serves as a single source to find, prepare, and understand data.

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