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Many businesses create highly useful AI models but then encounter challenges in operationalizing them to attain broader business value. Through the INFUSE rung of the ladder you can automate and operate AI across its full lifecycle, speeding time to value and shaping future business outcomes for your clients.
Spotlight on some of the solutions you can leverage

AI for customer service with

Watson Assistant

More than a chatbot: Watson Assistant knows when to a) search for answers from a knowledge base: b) ask for clarity c) direct a user to a human.
Ensure your clients’ customers receive a faultless interactive experience by integrating the leading natural language platform.
Deliver engaging experiences across your clients’ businesses, transforming how their organisations
Watson Assistant knows when to search a knowledge base, when to ask for clarity, and when to direct you to a human.


With IBM Planning Analytics

Explore and analyse real-time data, create sophisticated scenario models and perform multidimensional analysis for your clients.
Optimise your clients’ approach to decision making in today’s constantly changing business environment.
To evaluate this offering for your clients, play the role of a financial planner in our 10-minute demo.
Experience 30 days trial: explore the best practices and build your own plans, analyses and dashboards.


With IBM Cognos Analytics

Help your clients drive smarter decisions throughout their organisation with this all-in-one platform.
Help your clients to embrace the changes and make quick, confident informed decisions with the next wave of business intelligence.
Walk through a use case on how to upload a data file, build out a dashboard and gain insights along the way.
Learn more about the AI-driven solution designed to turn data into business decisions you can trust.

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Whether you want more information about IBM’s Analytics technology, or the finer details of how a partnership can deliver growth for your business, our experts are just a click away.
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