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What is IBM Hybrid Data Management?

IBM Hybrid Data Management enables you to collect, manage and provide business insights to data regardless of where it lives or how it is structured. Now you can dynamically allocate data resources where you need it, when you need it.
Hybrid Data Management is essential for AI
The proliferation of data is creating new opportunities for businesses to better understand their customers, their industry and their own operations. But various formats, sources and deployments of data can present complex challenges that need to be addressed.
Unify traditional and next-generation data technologies
With AI integrated into data management solutions, IBM Hybrid Data Management empowers predictive and proactive actionable insights around customer behaviour that can grow market share, reduce costs and enable successful AI initiatives.
Drive more business value with your data
Enable the collection, management and gaining of insights from both structured and unstructured data across on-premises, private or public cloud. IBM FlexPoints can be transferred to easily add and switch entitlements from a convenient single sign-on dashboard.
Modernising information architecture with AI
Although 85% of enterprises recognise AI’s ability to turn data into real business value, many don’t have the required data foundation to rapidly analyse data. Databases must be both powered by AI for greater optimisation and built to support AI application development.

Integrate evolving technologies with existing infrastructures

Advanced data management and analytics capabilities
IBM Hybrid Data Management lets clients select any type of database or data warehouse, along with best-of-breed and open source software. It collects, manages and provides business insights regardless of where data resides or how it is structured.
Experience Db2 world-class functionality
Gain a fully managed SQL cloud database that offers the advanced data management and analytics capabilities of an on-premises database without the cost, complexity and risk of managing your own infrastructure.

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