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IBM Verse is leading the way we work. Is it the first salvo in reshaping business communications for forthcoming years and decades?

The Millennial generation has a different way of working. We're witnessing a mind-shift similar to how we went from paperwork to email. Recent technology has been shaped by the rise in mobile devices and the attractiveness in social collaboration. The same will apply to business communication.

32 futurists were approached from industries and generations for a three-day Thinkathon at IBM. We challenged them on the future of work culture and collaboration, workplace technology and communication, and the workforce.

Here’s your chance to take a look at the insights we gained from their predictions.

  • Companies will be people-centric, benefiting the next generation of workers.
  • Employees increasingly want to feel like they’re contributing to something meaningful.
  • New ideas will be fuelled by co-working and collaboration.
  • Work experiences will be shaped by analytics derived from employees’ behaviours

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To use a crude analogy, IBM Verse is “email on steroids”. Actually, that's not a description that does it justice. It's business communications made personal, shaped around the way each individual works. Made for the era of the cloud, the mobile device and social networking, you'll be astonished at what a quantum leap it is over email.

You can start empowering your workforce with IBM Verse, a platform that works for the user rather than the other way round. Our brochure introduces you to the service, answering your questions.


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