THINK differently. Addressing the world’s most pressing challenges will require vision, agility, innovation, scale and energy.

We’re bringing together innovators, thought leaders, master inventors and corporate CTOs to explore how we can accelerate change and digital transformation.

Join us for this festival to explore industry perspectives; including the impact of emerging technologies, the increasing importance of responsible computing and the growing necessity for highly supportive ecosystems. Together we can positively impact every sector of our society and economy.
In collaboration, we can make a difference.

Be prepared to unleash your ideas!

Content Highlights


Reflections on the Future of Technology & Innovation: Impact of high-level emerging technologies


AI, Edge, Blockchain and Quantum Computing: Effecting the digital transformation


Ecosystem case studies where technology has impacted change for good


Architectural decision points and CTO industry insights


Corporate Panel of leading brands highlighting their challenges for sustainability


COP26 The Year of climate action: How we can partner together


400 years on… the autonomous Mayflower ship is revolutionizing ocean research


Responsible Computing Tech Innovation Challenge: Be prepared to unleash your ideas

“To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business, and your business in your heart.”

Thomas Watson Sr., former CEO, IBM

A meeting of hearts and minds

A collaboration of tech innovators, corporates and thought leaders

Deborah Threadgold

Rashik Parmar

Andy Stanford-Clark

Andy McCartney

Helen Dempster

Andrew Webber

Marcus Ralphs

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