Leverage real-time insights from social media to uncover
new opportunities

Social media has reshaped the way organisations engage with their customers.

This has brought about an opportunity for Software-as-a-Service companies to use social media as a catalyst to help achieve the following:

  • Scale and speed: Social media channels enable marketers to reach more customers faster, dynamically, and with greater precision.
  • Lower costs: Minimise the Cost of Customer Acquisition - Social media offers dramatically lower costs to precisely target and engage audiences across multiple channels, segments and locations.
  • Influence and intimacy: Maximise the lifetime value of your customers - Social media amplifies the “relationship” in customer relationship management (CRM).

To get a closer understanding of how you can capitalise on the insights available in social media, download the ‘Making customer insights actionable’ whitepaper.

Start discovering these insights in less than five minutes

This video will introduce you to IBM Social Media Analytics, giving you a hands-on tour of its capabilities.

The $4 million benefit achieved through reduced customer churn

Predictive analytics have performed wonders for cloud-based IT services company Carbonite, helping boost customer retention and generate new opportunities.

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Your future in 20 minutes

Knowing how your customers are likely to act is a key advantage in the marketplace. Predictive analytics are designed to reveal just that. In this video, you can see how IBM SPSS Modeler can show you insights, mined from the data you are already collecting.