The new revenue streams from Big Data

Make a future from stored information and keep it secure

Analytics are giving an informed choice to organisations on which decisions to make. It's fast becoming the new normal, fuelled by the data you store on behalf of clients.

As a service provider, you can be at the forefront of this tidal change in cloud technology as well as keeping client information heavily secure from emerging threats.

You're ideally positioned to deliver predictive modelling to your client base. IBM's array of analytics functions produce easy-to-understand visualisations and can deliver realistic conclusions.

Now you can test those "what if?" theories and produce real-time personalised experiences for end users, ensuring customer loyalty is strengthened.

Growing your profits through a personalised customer experience

As a service provider, you can drive new revenue by deploying intelligent business analytics to form a personalised experience for end users. Businesses are seeing significant growth thanks to intelligent data platforms shaping their services around the preferences of potential consumers.

How do you enable your clients to boost customer loyalty from analytics? Well, this free whitepaper teaches you all about the architecture of IBM's solution, describing how it works and showing you client success stories.

Vital protection for your new and existing profit streams

As a service provider, data is your number one priority. It's the fuel for your business as well as your clients. We've talked about the fresh opportunities you can uncover from information storage. It's understandable that there are outsiders who may challenge those opportunities by attempting to breach IT security.

Thankfully, IBM has developed a platform for service providers to deploy. It uses cutting-edge security intelligence to detect real-time threats against your network, alerting you to where they're from and what they're trying to do.

The MSP-centric security platform to cover your client base

Discover the convenient and cost-effective way for service providers to keep client data protected. IBM’s Security Global Solutions Manager, Vijay Dheap, has detailed the security features relevant to the field of service providers in this free-to-view webinar.

Understanding how security incidents are evolving

Get a fuller understanding on how malware and other threats are affecting the world of technology, with a free copy of IBM's new report based on 2014 year-end data and ongoing research. In this edition:

  • Android mobile app risks
  • Data record leaks
  • Infographics depicting 2014's security incidents by type, time and impact
  • The growth in vulnerability disclosures
  • The IBM innovations that fit specific security needs