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May spotlight:
IBM Watson Assistant

Deploy the smarter AI assistant:
one of 152 IBM-supported Cloud Catalogue services you can leverage with 12K free credits

Build bigger, sell smarter

Together we can deliver more innovation and value to your clients than ever before. Integrate IBM technology, and access a rich ecosystem of technical and industry expertise, code patterns and competency-building courses that shorten the development cycle and enable faster deployment.

Start building with IBM, for free

Build bigger with IBM
Put $12.000 of pioneering tech into your solutions, free ($1.000 IBM Cloud credits a month for 12 months)
IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service
Free shared worker nodes, 4 CPUs, 100 GB HDD, bare metal server with 16 cores, and more…
IBM Cloud Object Storage
1-year free trial: 10TB storage, technical consultation and code pattern
IBM Watson Assistant
1-year free trial: 100,000 API calls, 10 chatbots, WordPress integration, technical consultation and more…
Sell smarter with IBM
An SEO audit service, exposure on IBM Marketplace and $2.000 IBM Cloud credits a month for 6 months
“If I look to the common goals that we share with IBM what unites us is trying to enable our clients to benefit from Al and analytics and optimisation.”
Colin Shearer, Chief Strategy Officer, Houston Analytics.

pays off

Digitally-transforming a city
Compta helped Portugal’s Abrantes overcome planning, waste, and environmental challenges with smart IT solutions that provide clear data to support the decision-making process.
Making driving safer through AI
Netun Solutions have innovatively harnessed IBM Watson natural language capabilities to ensure road accident victims receive help in time.
AI priced to clients’ requirements
Houston Analytics leveraged IBM Embedded Solution Agreements to offer solutions integrating with existing systems. The decision makers of the smallest business can now benefit from AI analytics.
The next-gen listening experience
Audioburst created the world’s largest audio library, integrated IBM Watson’s powerful artificial intelligence and developed an on-demand listening experience unlike any other.
“Our passion leads our way, using IBM's innovative technology to keep improving
people's lives.”
Carlos Conde, CIO & Technology Strategy Director, Netun Solutions.

Resources to help you

Discover how businesses like yours are adding value to their solutions, services and relationships, and maximising their opportunities for growth.
What your customers want
To boost their businesses and enable progress, your clients seek game-changing innovation and methods. Find out how a partnership with IBM can help, in this eBook.
The expert ecosystem
Work alongside IBM experts and seize exciting opportunities; develop at speed, extend your product range and more – all through the Ecosystem Advocacy Group.
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If you’d like more information on how IBM’s rich ecosystem of help, support and technology can help your business achieve growth in a fast-changing world, or finer details on partnership, our experts are just a click away.
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