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Building tomorrow together

Building tomorrow together

Build bigger. Sell smarter.


Integrate IBM technologies into your offering to deliver more innovation and value to your clients. Access a rich source of industry and technical expertise, code patterns, and competency-building courses that shorten the development cycle and allow for quicker deployment.


Build with IBM. Get started for free.

Build bigger with IBM

Build bigger with IBM

$1.000 of free IBM Cloud credits per month for 12 months = $12.000 of leading edge-tech integrated into your solutions

Cloud Container Service With IBM Partners

IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service

Try now: shared worker nodes, 4CPUs, 100GB of HDD capacity, a bare metal server with
16 cores & more

Cloud Object Storage With IBM Partners

IBM Cloud Object Storage

Take a 12-month trial and receive 10TB of IBM storage, a technical consultation &
a code pattern

Watson Assistant Chatbot With IBM Partners

IBM Watson Assistant

Access 100,000 API calls, ten workspaces, Wordpress integration, a technical consultation & more

Sell smarter with IBM Partners

Sell smarter with IBM

Join now and get an SEO audit report, access to IBM Marketplace marketing & $2.000 in Cloud credits

Service Providers share stories of success with IBM


A city’s digital transformation

Compta has helped Portugal’s Abrantes deal with planning, waste, and environmental challenges with smart IT solutions providing clear data to support the decision-making process.


Cutting-edge managed cloud services

BASE Media Cloud is leveraging IBM Cloud technology to help steer their clients on new and enabling journeys in the media industry, with managed pay-as-you-go cloud services.


In-store digital solutions

Mauden, in collaboration with IBM, created MyStore, a cognitive digital-touchscreen assistant that makes personalised suggestions to help shoppers precisely identify the item they want.


Enabling a next-gen listening experience

Audioburst has created the next-generation of listening experiences for users, through the world’s largest audio library and with the power of IBM Watson’s artificial intelligence.

“Embedding IBM technology in our solution brings us agility and speed to market
so we can focus on our customer success and deliver higher value propositions to our clients.
And as it aligns with our pricing model, we can focus on return on investment."

Germain Bourgeois, Chief Operating Officer, EMEA, Assima PLC

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How businesses like yours put themselves at the forefront of technology to maximise opportunities for business growth.

What your customers want

Your customers seek new innovations and methods to boost their businesses. As you'll see in this infographic, a partnership with IBM enables that progress with game-changing solutions and support services.

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The expert connection

Step inside the IBM Business Partner Solution Hubs to seize the opportunity to develop at speed, extend your product range and work alongside IBM experts.

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You can get whatever you need to explore new opportunities that can power your success. Talk to us today.

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