Tech-savvy marketers look to the cloud

Now more than ever, digital marketing agencies and their staff have to keep an ever-sharp eye on how they can benefit from technological innovation.

According to an IBM Global C-Suite study, more than half of chief marketing officers (CMOs) are hoping to be shaping their marketing around data-driven insights within the next few years. And cloud computing will play a big part of that – indeed, it’s cited by CMOs as one of the three technologies set to have the most impact on the industry.

This infographic gives you the full picture of how the digital marketing landscape will shift in the future, and which areas are the most important to focus on.

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To read the full CMO Global C-Suite study on which the infographic was based, click here


A voyage with your customers

From the first awareness of a product to the glowing review they post on social media afterwards, there are dozens of points across different mediums at which a customer’s journey can be tracked.

Knowing the right messages to send out at the right times is crucial. This is where the cloud comes into its own: assimilating information from a wide range of sources and through a mixture of industry knowledge and predictive analytics, creating a clear and well-formed pathway for each and every customer.

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All mapped out, from start to finish

Putting that ideal customer journey into practice is where solutions like IBM Marketing Cloud shine through.

IBM Marketing Cloud allows you to create a detailed, integrated customer journey with a simple interface similar to a flow diagram. And it’s not just a catch-all for every customer, either – you can create amended journeys for as many different categories of customer as you want, based on their previous browsing, interaction or purchasing history.

This video demonstrates how IBM Marketing Cloud provides personalised marketing at your fingertips:

IBM Marketing Cloud at work

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