The traditional way of application development is a single path forward, which comes to a halt when a problem arises. The headaches and frustration of downtime are also combined with the nightmare of cost.

Virtual machines have given developers and testers a smooth and open workspace. While virtualisation is a good sandbox, there’s still a need to try out development on a ‘real world’ bare metal platform.

SoftLayer’s cloud gives you seamless uptime

SoftLayer’s powerful cloud computing platform gives you opportunities like never before, removing the barrier between development and operations. You can develop, test and deploy applications in a single cloud environment at Internet scale.

With the ability to place applications onto physical or virtual environments at will, you have a deeper insight into application behaviour. SoftLayer enhances and unites each phase of the application development lifecycle, ensuring optimal uptime.

  • Virtual and physical. Public and private. Hourly and monthly.
  • Our unified platform provides cloud infrastructure at Internet scale.
  • What you want, deployed on demand and in real time.
  • The cloud without compromise.

Learn the reason why you don’t need to pause on application development