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Why IBM?

Today every industry is faced with ever-increasing expectations. Which is why IBM provide a range of enterprise-relevant technologies and support programmes you can leverage in your solutions.


Enhancing healthcare with
innovative technology
Healthcare is changing like never before, with patients demanding an integrated, personalised continuum of care, while life expectancy is increasing just as families are more widely dispersing. IBM’s industry-focused innovation is playing a key role in transforming these challenges into opportunities, leading a revolution in healthcare.
The secret to extended life? IBM partner Karantis360 utilises AI to help the elderly live independently for longer.
Personalised healthcare is essential – and IBM’s Ecosystem Advocacy Group (EAG) and support programmes ensure your clients provide it.
Integration, personalisation, data security, finance: help your healthcare clients effectively respond to their four biggest challenges.


Cognitive solutions to customer expectations
It’s more important than ever that your clients can offer their customers a personalised service, which naturally includes a swift, efficiently mobilised supply chain. AI is optimising brand awareness and operational connectivity, while also enabling better-informed decisions on orders.
IBM partner BlueIt’s bioBotGuard combines VR, drones and geo sensors to protect farm crops. Discover how to put AI to new uses.
How do you transform a consumer-driven ecosystem into an opportunity? Talk to them as individuals.
Multichannel shopping, personalised engagements: is there anything else your clients’ customers could want? Yes – and you can provide it.


Empowering the banking and financial industries
The FinTech industry has rapidly expanded from an emerging area of innovation into a worldwide market worth billions. IBM's pioneering technology in Analytics, Cloud and Security is backed with advice, tuition, entrepreneurial support, educational resources, and partnering ecosystems.
Having created flexible and agile banking, IBM partner ABN AMRO divulges the best ways to leverage cognitive computing.
What are the six key challenges FinTech firms must address? IBM not only explains but also provides the solutions.
As well as innovative tech, IBM offers advice, tuition, entrepreneurial support, and more. Don’t be the one to miss out.

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