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Take a journey through IBM Cloud Private for Data

Are your clients amongst the 85% who believe AI gives companies a competitive advantage? Then introduce them to IBM Cloud Private for Data, a vital layer of extra benefits going beyond a privately controlled public cloud.

Business leaders’ views on data analytics

45% of business leaders say data analytics will be the most important factor for business competitiveness in the next three years. This and other important findings of a Forrester Report have been neatly summed up in an infographic to help you ensure your clients don’t end up in the 60% of firms who struggle with integration.

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Al is only as good as the data that feeds it

An Al foundation comprises data of all types and many different sources, like creating melodies from different notes and pitches. When all these capabilities work in unison, businesses run smoothly. This infographic, ‘Al Transformation: From discord to symphony’, shows how you can put together the right melody for your clients.

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Help your clients transforming for AI

If they can’t access it, work with it or, worse, trust it, your clients’ data remains useless to them, rather than being the strategic asset it could be. So we’ve put together an eBook detailing the kind of data and analytics platform required to efficiently deal with the increasingly complex world of data.

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Datameer utilises IBM’s hybrid architecture

IBM partner Datameer utilises the hybrid architecture and analytical ecosystem of IBM Cloud Private for Data to build, streamline and operationalise Data Pipelines, granting immediate access to correlation and insights. The result is a Decision Tree, providing many solutions rather than a single one.

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Take a journey through IBM Cloud Private for Data

Are your clients’ apps future-proof? You can get hands-on experience of collecting, organising, and analysing data to build AI-powered apps, using seven days of free access to our hosted environment. You’ll be guided on your journey as you uncover, easily connect, and publish data via a single-entry point.

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