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Experience Integrated Managed Infrastructure

Simplified, agile hybrid infrastructure management
with flexibility

Simplified, agile hybrid infrastructure management
with flexibility

Keeping up with today’s IT demands while managing a hybrid infrastructure can be a complex, costly and time-consuming challenge, but with IBM Integrated Managed Infrastructure services you can help clients navigate digital transformation the way they need.

Hybrid infrastructure support with a single view

From a survey of IT executives, IBM found that only one in ten was confident that their IT infrastructure was fully prepared to meet the demands of mobile, social, big data and cloud computing. So, to make the digital transformation easier, IBM is offering Integrated Managed Infrastructure services, or IMI.

The powerful answer to infrastructure challenges

With an increasing demand to help clients manage their infrastructure challenges, enterprises will not only have to re-orientate their tools, processes and services but find partners with hybrid capabilities and understanding. And that’s where you come in, with Integrated Managed Infrastructure services.

Experience a fully managed platform with flexibility

For most companies, managing middleware platforms means buying and installing new software, defining user access, adding app monitoring tools and then continual maintenance. But you can help them solve all their provisioning, configuration and scaling challenges in a better way – with IBM Managed Platform-as-a-Service.

Leadership in the era of digital transformation

Digital transformation is at the core of a competitive business strategy. But to truly become a digital enterprise, organisations need to look at fundamentally changing their operating model. They need to adopt an intelligent enterprise infrastructure that can not only match their business needs but scale on demand.

Talk to an Integrated Managed Infrastructure expert, today

Whether you want more information about IBM’s IMI technology, or the finer details of how a partnership can deliver growth for your business, our experts are just a click away.

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