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IBM Cloud: welcome
to chapter two of the Cloud

Move mission-critical applications onto
open and secure, hybrid clouds

An evolving cloud market

The old idea that everything would move to the public cloud never happened. Instead, the cloud market evolved to meet the needs of clients who want to maintain on-premises systems while tapping a multitude of cloud platforms
and vendors.

Stephen Elliot, Program Vice President, IDC

Service Providers
are the catalyst
for change

Help your clients improve
efficiency and effectiveness
in achieving their objectives
of organisations plan to adopt multicloud architectures
have a multicloud management
have procedures and tools to operate a multicloud environment
Source: IBM Institute for Business Value

Get up-to-speed
with our latest blogs

Why multicloud beats the one-size-fits-all approach
When cloud computing first started, one-size really did seem to fit all but, more than a decade later, things have changed; the industry has evolved.
3 reasons most companies are just 20% cloud transformed
According to a recent study, enterprises have their simplest workloads in the process of migration while 80% remain
on-prem. So, what’s going on?

A faster, more secure journey to cloud


Enable enterprises across public, private and
traditional environments


Manage other vendors’ clouds, acknowledging
the reality that client environments are heterogeneous


Build capabilities that are open by design, enabling client flexibility and reducing vendor lock-in


Provide reliability and continuous security for the client’s environment


Offer consistent service-level support, logging, management and delivery across the cloud environment

IBM Hybrid Cloud: transform the way your clients work

Drive innovation and manage complexity
In a world where data lives everywhere, the way and reasons why businesses use the cloud are changing
94% of enterprises use multiple cloud environments
As enterprises increasingly take a hybrid multicloud approach, that presents challenges for IT leaders
Hybrid explained by IBM Cloud Developer Advocate, Sai Vennam
The hybrid cloud brings together the best of both the public and private clouds, to suit your clients’ needs

Get to know
IBM Multicloud Manager

Address your clients’ unique multicloud challenges
The solution that especially benefits app developers, site reliability engineers and IT ops managers
The multicloud management solution for Kubernetes
Find new ways to accelerate innovation, reduce cost and enhance governance and compliance protocols for you and your clients
Learn about IBM Multicloud Manager in 2 minutes
The biggest challenge when moving more and more critical workloads to the cloud is down to management

See what it’s
like working with
IBM Multicloud Manager

See how to manage applications across multiple clusters
By integrating all the environments into a single view, you gain optimal control over how you see, govern and automate everything
Try the multi-cluster application management tutorial
This proof of technology tutorial explores how you and your clients can define and deploy applications across clusters based on policy

Embed, build and bring your solutions
to market

Integrate IBM Cloud into your clients’ solutions
Offer more innovation and value to your clients with leading-edge IBM Cloud technologies
Deliver a total solution under your own brand
Bring your own solutions to market with IBM and gain benefits to accelerate your clients’ growth
Take advantage of change with IBM’s embedded solutions
The service provider market is changing, team with IBM to deliver new solutions quickly and sustainably

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