Grow your Cloud business with Software-defined Storage

Overcoming challenges in a data-hungry world

Service providers need to expand capacity rapidly to take on growing demand from clients old and new. Software-defined Storage (SDS) is your answer, providing space and performance where needed, far beyond the capabilities of traditional storage.

Management is easy, thanks to a unified interface where storage assets – physical and cloud-based – are controlled.

Our whitepaper shows you the best approaches to establish SDS, even making use of your existing storage environment. The end result enables you to satisfy the space demands of your customer base and stand out in your marketplace.

MSP Success Case:
See how Alistair Mackenzie, CEO of CSP Silverstring, grew his Cloud Storage business


See how CSPs and MSPs can increase Cloud Storage growth with Flash.

The power advantage from IBM FlashSystem

Tackling the fast shifting technology changes and growing demands from a client base is going to be a top priority for MSPs. As social networks, mobile use and analytics tools take off; the challenge is on for service providers to establish a highly responsive cloud platform.

Fortunately, hardware innovations from IBM can enable a competitive advantage for you, accelerating the performance of software by a multitude of levels and further galvanising data security.

The end result is highly cost-effective storage that’s incredible agile, satisfying your clients and growing your business.

MSP Success Case:
Swedish Service Provider grows his business with FlashSystem Storage

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