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IBM Cloud Pak
for Data

Make your data ready for an AI
and multicloud world

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A new kind of data
and AI platform

Featuring built-in governance, IBM Cloud Pak for Data is an open, extensible data and analytics platform that runs on any cloud. Simplifying and unifying the collection, organisation, security and analysis of data to provide flexibility, control and actionable-insights, its integrated cloud-native architecture is easily customised.

A single platform to collect, organize and analyze data

Facing the challenges of data complexity, skills and trust
An agile, cloud-native information architecture providing ready access to data at its source, IBM Cloud Pak for Data enables seamless data collection, organisation and analysis.
Watch the video [3.17]
Improve outcomes with trusted data
As AI and machine learning are only as good as the data you feed them, IBM Cloud Pak for Data simplifies and enables a trusted data governance.
Gain a competitive advantage with compliance
IBM Cloud Pak for Data gives continuous visibility, universal oversight, and automated controls to prevent data misuse and ensure proactive adaptation of anticipated regulations.

Unlocking data
for an AI and
multicloud world

80% of data is locked in silos or isn’t business-ready, but IBM Cloud Pak for Data unlocks its value via an information architecture for AI that provides choice and flexibility across an enterprise.
Watch how to unlock data value [1:34]

IBM Cloud Pak for Data on Red Hat OpenShift

Unify management and governance of all data
Leveraging leading open source technologies, IBM Cloud Pak for Data is an integrated data and AI platform that collects, organises and analyses data to prepare it for AI infusion.
Speed time to value for data workloads
Built on Red Hat OpenShift, IBM Cloud Pak for Data enables the easy, speedy writing and deployment of an enterprises’ data workloads atop a trusted Data and AI foundation.
Drive innovation, productivity and time to value
Introduce data and analytics assets into innovative applications and personalised customer experiences running across hybrid multicloud environments.

IBM Cloud Pak
for Data System

If you are looking for a unified cloud-native data and AI platform in a box, IBM Cloud Pak for Data System is what you need. It combines storage, compute, networking and software into plug-and-play nodes. A single intuitive dashboard simplifying software and hardware management, it’s built on Red Hat OpenShift, merging DevOps and DataOps.
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Take a product walkthrough

IBM Cloud Pak for Data comes with customisable dashboards that can be individualised depending on the role each user plays within an organisation. Watch how to collect, organise, analyse and infuse AI into data with a scalable Kubernetes platform.

We make it easy to get started

Explore the capabilities of IBM Cloud Pak for Data for yourself by accessing your free 7-day trial, or book your free one-on-one consultation with an IBM expert today to discuss the best ways to deliver growth for your business.
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