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Artificial Intelligence unlocks the value
of data in totally
new ways

By employing a core set of new capabilities, you can accelerate
your clients’ journey to AI.
Make your data simple and accessible
Create a trusted analytics foundation
Scale insights with AI everywhere
Operationalise AI with trust and transparency



Plan, forecast and optimise your options.


Understand beyond your data to visualize in minutes.


Create or code models visually.


Deploy, retain and manage models at scale anywhere.


With IBM Planning Analytics

In-depth analysis for every business dimension
Explore and analyse real-time data, create sophisticated scenario models and perform multidimensional analysis for your clients.
Redefining what’s possible with planning analytics
Optimise your clients’ approach to decision making in today’s constantly changing business environment.
Get hands-on experience with IBM Planning Analytics
To evaluate this offering for your clients, play the role of a financial planner in our 10-minute demo.
Explore your own planning analytics environment
Experience 30 days trial: explore the best practices and build your own plans, analyses and dashboards.


With IBM Cognos Analytics

The all-new IBM Cognos Analytics, driven by AI
Help your clients drive smarter decisions throughout their organisation with this all-in-one platform.
We’re in a data-driven industrial revolution
Help your clients to embrace the changes and make quick, confident informed decisions with the next wave of business intelligence.
Data to dashboard in minutes, with IBM Cognos Analytics
Walk through a use case on how to upload a data file, build out a dashboard and gain insights along the way.
Discover hidden insights using a single platform IBM Cognos Analytics
Learn more about the AI-driven solution designed to turn data into business decisions you can trust.


With IBM SPSS Modeler

Change the future now, with IBM SPSS Modeler
Help your clients drive the speed, simplicity and productivity they need in their data science practices.
Forrester: the total economic impact of SPSS Modeler
Evaluate the potential financial impact of SPSS Modeler on organisations, through the Forrester report: business benefits and data science productivity.
IBM SPSS Modeler product tour
Get hands-on experience with a leading visual data science and machine learning solution, IBM SPSS Modeler.
Data science and AI capabilities on your desktop
Tools for data scientists, application developers and subject matter experts to build and train models.

Embed, build and bring your solutions to market

Integrate IBM Analytics into your clients’ solutions
$12K of free IBM credits ($1K per month for up to 12 months) for new IBM partners to help you start building.
Deliver a total solution under your own brand
Bring your own solutions to market with IBM and gain benefits to accelerate your clients’ growth.
Take advantage of change with IBM’s embedded solutions
The service provider market is changing, team with IBM to deliver new solutions quickly and sustainably

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Whether you want more information about IBM’s Analytics technology, or the finer details of how a partnership can deliver growth for your business, our experts are just a click away.
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